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Play an online pokie based on fairy tales

As it is well known online casino games are mostly designed to entertain adults, however, there is currently a lot of slot or pokie games based on popular stories and rhymes so that children can also have a good fun time

One of these most popular games that are based on fairy tales is Cinderella. Since many years this story has been one of the most numbered, the same, it is believed that the first edition of this story was told about 7 centuries before Christ. However, time later it was launched and popularized by the Brothers Grimm. But it was not until 2015, that the great company of Walt Disney Pictures created a version of Cinderella for the big screen. After its popularization in all markets, many online casinos have opted to have pokies inspired by this story full of magic.

This online slot game has a traditional structure, that is, a standard 5×3, in addition, 20 pay lines that are fixed. One of the most striking features of this game is that the symbols that are better paid are what they are based on the story of Cinderella, which is why it includes the pumpkin, the magic wand of the fairy godmother, the pocket watch, among others. On the other hand, the symbols that are worthless are those that have icons of the cards.

Similarly, the Cinderella glass slipper has the function of being a wild card, in addition to offering players different payments that are online and the best thing is that they are the highest in the game. Also, there are three types of bonuses that are per displacement that can appear anywhere on the reels that have the game, these are responsible for activating a bonus type game on a secondary screen. The player must select between different scrolls until they match three of these, to get it will end his bonus. Also, the function that corresponds to the turns will begin with having three castle symbols, regardless of where in the roller it is located. After these, the fairy godmother will start waving her magic wand to announce the number of turns that the player plays for free.

The online slots of this Cinderella story have different modifications that traditional games do not have. Some of them are that: in the Slipper Trail, the Cinderella glass slipper moves between all the reels to create different and new symbols as the Carriage Spin, in which the car will only move around the reels to change the symbols and thus guarantee the player a payment. Another of the modifiers is the Fairy Magic, which is responsible for transforming all the symbols to give victory to the person.

Other functions of the game are: The Lock Strike allows exchanging all the rollers which will give the player a sure victory. Likewise, the dream that the princess has will cause any of the modifiers to be triggered randomly. But this is not all that this game has, but this slot gives a jackpot that consists of three levels that starts when it lands on the three symbols of the biggest prize.

Also, the glass slipper has a progressive jackpot and the logo is a wild symbol, offering the highest online payments of the entire game.

This game can be found in different online casinos for free.

Author: Arlen