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Women’s Handball World Championship

IHF is the organizer of the Women’s Handball World Championship since 1949. In their first event only four teams are participating. This number is started increasing from 4 to 24 in 1997. B tournament is introduced in 1977 and a C tournament is introduced in 1986. These tournaments are the qualification tournaments for playing in the main event. These B and C tournaments are replaced by the present qualification tournament in the year 1993. From the introduction of a new qualification system in 1993, these tournaments are organized every other year. The B and C tournament are held after every four years. These are organized with the alternating years with the Olympic tournament. Women’s handball is first time introduced in the 1976 Olympics. Before the introduction of women’s handball in the Olympics these tournaments are organized more irregularly. The first 5 tournaments were organized in the summers and the remaining tournaments are organized in the months of November and December.

The 22nd women’s handball world championship will be held in Denmark in 2015. The declaration of Denmark as a host country is declared on 27th January 2011. Venues for the matches of the tournaments are announced on 7th June 2014. The final will be hosted on the Jyske Bank Boxen ground in Herning. This ground will also host the round matches of the 16 and 2 quarterfinals and both semifinals. All matches of Denmark group are also hosted by this ground. The Kolding’s Tre-For Arena will host the Germany’s group matches if they will be able to qualify for this, two of the quarterfinals and the eighth finals. While Frederikshavan’s, Arena Nord and a new venue in the city of Naestved will host the matches the matches of one group each and one Eighth final. The teams of Denmark, Brazil, Dr Congo, Angola and Tunisia have already qualified for the tournament, Denmark is qualified because of the host nation and Brazil is qualified because they are the current world champions. Angola, Tunisia and Congo are qualified from the African Women’s Handball Championship held in 2014. The remaining 19 teams will qualify from the different qualification tournaments still to be held.

Author: Arlen