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Wild Vegas Casino Bonus Codes – Read this Review before you lose!

Best Casino Bonuses with Bonus Codes May 2021

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New players, 18+, get a 350% bonus on your first deposit! 10x maximum withdrawal. Terms and Conditions Apply. Coupon code copied

Get a 250% match bonus on your deposit with no wagering requirements! No maximum cashout. Terms and Conditions Apply. Coupons Code Copied

Virtual Casino Group Casinos, or VCC for short, is a casino property and it’s managed by the company. The website operates only in English but everything else can be accessed through their app called Wild Vegas Casino which also offers mobile gaming apps – allowing players to engage with thousands of games across any device (smartphone/tablet/computer) without having to download additional software; all that’s required when playing at this site is using an internet browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.

Sin embargo, para jugar este casino electrónico completo sin descargar software en su computadora, el jugador deberá ir a una tienda que tenga estas máquinas. Esto es debido al hecho de que no hay casinos reales cercanos con todos los nuevos y excitantes tragamonedas disponibles ahí fuera. Por lo general las personas asociadas con Wild Vegas Casino entienden la necesidad por ende se encuentran ofreciendo bonificaciones increíbles como promocionantes o ventajerizando sus servicios para atraer clientela pot

This casino offers regular slot tournaments to complement their list of rewards for regulars. They also have a decent library full of great games that include slots, table game casino games, video poker and even specialty gaming options like bingo. The software company behind the catalogue is Real Time Gaming which develops high-quality online gambling content such as slots machines and other types of wagering capabilities in an effort to provide players with a more engaging experience than they are able to find elsewhere on the internet!

Wild Vegas Casino has earned the trust of gamers by giving them a wide variety of payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, online wallets and cryptocurrencies.

Wild Vegas Casino is committed to making gaming experience as smooth for its players as possible with top-notch systems that offer speedy withdrawals without delays or complications.

Wild Vegas Casino Casino VIP

Wild Vegas casino gives their players an incredible VIP program. This status is divided into four levels: High Roller, Elite Player, Platinum Club Member and Diamond Lounge Executive- each with its own perks to offer you the best experience possible!

Players who have all their bases covered will be rewarded with the Deluxe status. The benefits of having a High Roller account include not only perks such as bonuses and cash-out rewards, but also 10% insurance on losses. And if you’re feeling like an absolute baller? You can boost your new account from Silver to Platinum by depositing $10K in any given lifetime!

To get the Penthouse status, a player must make an onetime deposit of $5,000 in addition to maintaining an average daily balance over $1,000. This high roller casino will provide all players with perks such as unlimited free chips per week and higher table limits for those who can meet these requirements.

A Presidential level of status is reserved for those who have made a one-time deposit valued at $10,000 or more. At this tier players will receive perks such as a maximum payout that can be claimed each week up to the value of five thousand dollars and thirty percent monthly insurance on losses incurred during play. With an average total amount deposited worth two thousand five hundred dollars or higher, these High Rollers are eligible for cash out bonuses which go up to ten times their original investment with free chips in addition to four times if they choose Comp Points over real money! Finally there’s access granted from day one even without meeting all requirements due to lifetime deposits reaching fifty thousand United States Dollars – overriding any other requirement necessary when it comes down determining

High Roller status is reserved only for the very best Vegas visitors. With a $200,000 lifetime deposit to WildVegas Casino you will be granted this elite level of play in no time at all! As High Roller VIPs, players get perks such as: – The max payout each week equals 5 grand with 50% insurance on losses and free chips up to 7x; comp bonus rewards range from 1-5 times depending on your Comp Point balance while table limits are raised automatically. – A cash out limit that can go into the hundreds of thousands so if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush then it’s worth knowing about these awesome benefits now just head over here [link]

Bonuses Promotions

Como hemos mencionado anteriormente, este casino tiene un increíble bonos para los jugadores nuevos y habituales. Los nuevos jugadores podrán disfrutar de nuestro fantástico bono por registro del 350% sin límite máximo real que significa que obtendrás nuestra paga igualación el 350%, a cada depósito sobre 30 $. Esté dispuesta a usar promocional WILDVEGAS en su registro como esta es la única manera de reclamar tu primero pasajer

If you’re looking to complete your gambling repertoire, then this is the bonus for you. The 250% Wild Bonus shares all of the same conditions as our welcome bonus: no wagering requirements or withdrawal limits! To claim it, simply use promo code 250WILD when signing up.

In order to get this bonus, a player must use the promotional code WILD180. Additional bonuses and promotions will be given through membership in their VIP program which is described more thoroughly later on in this review. The terms of all these offers are listed under our Terms & Conditions tab unless otherwise specified by the casino itself; any offer with wagering requirements has them clearly outlined as well before withdrawal requests can be made from your account at that particular establishment.

To claim one of its many exciting benefits for new players right now, simply enter “WILD180” when signing up! This will give you access not only to 100% match deposit but also 10 free spins every day for 20 days ($200 total) on top of 50

The only bonus available is the welcome bonus, which has a low wagering requirement of 20 times your deposit amount.


Wild Vegas wants to provide a quality playing experience for their players, as such they offer three payment methods. The first is credit and debit cards from Visa or Mastercard; the second option is Neteller e-wallet with low fees that allows player to play at this casino without any problems (and if you’re not sure what an e-wallet even does then just think of it like your bank account but online). If neither of these options work out for you, worry not! You can use Bitcoin here – Wild Vegas doesn’t take other cryptocurrencies though so make sure yours are accepted before signing up.

International players, especially those from the United States and Canada have limited payment options at Wild Vegas casino. They can use credit/debit cards or Bitcoins to make payments for games but are not able to withdraw anything with Neteller which is one of the most popular ways in Europe for making deposits into a gambling account using money transfer services. Players should be wary though that there are no wagering requirements on their bonuses so they will only need enough funds when depositing before withdrawing any winnings back out as soon as possible after playing since this is all done virtually through online banking anyway!

The casino controls how much money a gambler can take out at one time. This prevents any individual from walking away with more than $2,000 before they’ve had to spend it all on gambling or be forced to wire transfer the rest of their balance back home.

There is an upper limit that gamblers are allowed in withdraws for each visit – and this amount has been set at around 2 thousand dollars per day by management so as not have anyone walk off with too many funds without having lost them first through spending it all gambling or wiring some portion of what’s left back home into savings accounts


Wild Vegas Casino has a lot of great games that players can enjoy. The only drawback is you have to download an app on your pc. This casino offers the best RTG (Real Time Gaming) game selection, and there are no restrictions with this instant play version when it comes to playing slots or table games for free!

There are many games to enjoy at Wild Vegas casino such as slots, progressive slots, table casino games (such as baccarat blackjack and poker) video poker. There is also a wide variety of specialty games available for your enjoyment including 5 Wishes, Golden Lotus, Popinata 777 among others!

The most exciting games in this casino are the specialty and table games. I love playing roulette, bingo, craps, keno and sic bo!

Loyalty Rewards VIP

Wild Vegas Casino offers an incredible VIP program, with four status levels which offer players a variety of perks and bonuses.

The requirements for each level are the following:

-High Roller: To get this status you must make one time deposit $500 or more while also maintaining at least average deposits over $100; includes benefits such as prize drawings worth up to 50% cash back on losses!

The Deluxe status level offers perks such as a $3,000 maximum payout each week, 10% monthly insurance on your losses with free chips up to 3x per month and 2x cash back for every dollar you deposit. With only one requirement of an average deposit of $500 or more in order to maintain the high-roller status indefinitely!

The new High Roller status offers a high-roller’s perks to players who meet the requirements of $25,000 in lifetime deposits and being over 21 years old. With this level you will be able to cash out up to 5x with free chips every week or 3x with Comp Points as well as higher limits at the tables!

This exclusive offer is for those dedicated gamblers that want all of their time in Las Vegas casinos spent on one game: poker.

To get the Presidential status, a player must make a one-time deposit of $10,000. This will allow you to have perks such as 30% monthly insurance on losses and higher table limits for your gambling experience. You also earn cash out bonuses up to 5x with free chips or 2x with Comp Points in order to keep playing even if luck is not always on your side! But beware: only after making an initial deposit of at least $50k can you upgrade from High Roller status – so be sure that this level suits all your needs before investing!

High roller status is typically reserved for those who have played at the casino enough to reap all of its benefits. With access to a $5,000 max payout each week and higher table limits, this VIP program will make sure that you are always winning big!

Customer Service

Wild Vegas Casino has many ways to get in touch with their customer service team. They offer a 24/7 live chat and two email addresses for contact. For those who prefer not use any of these options, there is also an 800 number that is available Monday-Friday from 9am-11pm EST or Saturday – Sunday 10 am-6 pm EST

The Wild VEGAS casino offers its players the opportunity to make direct contact with either one of their email contacts at:

[email protected] | wildvegasanteresa@gmail .com

Their live chat service is the easiest and fastest way to solve a problem or answer any questions that you might have while playing at this casino; additionally, their customer support staff will provide fast resolutions. If you need assistance with your account, there are multiple ways for them to be contacted: emailing [email protected], chatting on the website 24/7. This online casino also offers helpful FAQs where players can find quick answers regarding terms of use, rules and more!

Join Now

Wild Vegas casino is the place to be for players who are looking for bonuses and promotions that don’t have wagering requirements or limits on winnings. They offer their guests a variety of opportunities, such as regular tournaments every day in addition to having excellent VIP programs which make it easy and enjoyable to play at this casino.

If you’re looking for a casino that has great customer service, this is not the place. In what’s supposed to be an entertaining and inviting atmosphere, players are instead met with strict withdrawal terms and times as well as limited deposit options.

Yes, you really don’t have to be a high roller to enjoy all of the benefits and promotions at this casino. The VIP & loyalty rewards program is available for players who like some extra perks with their playtime. There are also regular slot tournaments that can get your adrenaline pumping or just give you something new to try! If you want an even bigger bonus on top of what we already offer then sign up today using our Gambling Wages Affiliates Program because it gives us both more money when they win and better payout times too – so everyone wins in the end!

Unfortunately, there is no information available regarding their license as of this time.

I am sorry to say that we cannot provide any more information on the licensing process for casinos under our jurisdiction at this current moment in time.

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