Handball Basketball

Rules of Handball

It is very simple to play handball because handball rules and regulations are very simple and they are ensured that the game will flow freely. Here I am going to explain you some of the basic handball rules, by which you can get familiar with this very fast playing game.

Rule of the Six Metre Line

Only the goalkeeper is allowed inside the 6m line which is the goal area of the defender team, no other player is allowed to enter into this area. The exception to this rule is that the attacking player can jump into that area after he makes a shot on the goal, and he has to leave the ball before touching inside the goal area.


Any player is not allowed to take more than 3 steps without dribbling the ball. You cannot hold the ball for more than three seconds. You have to bounce it, pass it or shoot it. If the referee finds that you are holding the ball and refer it as a foul, then he will refer it as walking and your possession from the ball will be lost.

Double Dribble

You are not allowed to catch the ball after bouncing it and again bouncing it and catching it. This is against the rules of the games and called as Double Dribble. You are also not allowed to kick the ball. Only goalkeeper can kick the ball. If anyhow the ball touches your foot then you will lose your possession and possession will be given to the opposition. Fouls were declared at the time when any player is found guilty of hitting, tripping, clinching, pushing, holding or charging.

Handball penalty Throws

Penalty throws are awarded when you will try to stop your opponent from scoring goal with any kind of infringement. Cards are also shown in this. Yellow card stands for a warning to the player, Red card refers as a dismissal of a player from the game and suspension stands for sending you out of the ground for 2 minutes. Throw-ins are awarded in the handball when the ball crosses the sideline of the court. It is awarded to the player of the opposite side who touched it last. In this player have to put their one foot on the sideline of the court and then will have to throw the ball into the court. Corners are awarded in handball when the defender throws the ball over the goal line. The attacking player has to put 1 foot on the corner of the goal line and the side line and have to pass the ball inside the court. The goalkeeper has to take their Goal throws from their own goal area.

Author: Arlen