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Playing positions in Handball

Handball is a very famous sport with 14 players, 7 remains at a time on the pitch. Each team has 1 goalkeeper, 1 center and circle runner with 2 wingers.
The playing positions in this game are as follows:

  1. The Goalkeeper- He is the one who defends the goal with almost each part of the body. The only player who can touch the ball with the feet.
  2. The Circle runner- He is the innovative force that disrupt rivals while defending. He is quick and works for extending chances for his teammates and helps them to score them quite good.
  3. The Center- He is a creative player who used to direct the play in both defense and the attack. He set up the targets and also known as ‘Playmaker’.
  4. The Left and right wingers- They are the fast players who guards sides of the handball court. They shoot from more tough angles and used to create opening for the teammates.
  5. The Left and right backs- They are the largest players of the team. While defending, they try to block shots. They are also the long range shooters in the handball.
  6. The Officials- They are generally the 4 members- timekeeper, scorekeeper plus two referees.
  7. The Substitutes- There are 7 substitutes at each handball side, but they can’t play until the specified player is out of the court. Also, substitution is allowed at any time, without any limits.

All these persons play together with some specific set of rules.

Playing field– Handball has been played in an area of 40X20 meters known as the playing court. It has a goal in the center of each end, and surrounded by semicircular area, also known as the Zone. The court also has a semicircular lines nine meters away from the goal known as the throw lines. Each of the line in the court is a part of the area it covers. That means that at the same time, the middle line is also the part of the both halves.

Author: Arlen