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Handball Growth

Handball is an exciting game for years, whether as a sport or as a fitness exercise. It gained the existence in the past few years as Scandinavian and other countries started playing this game. Let’s have a closer look at the handball growth for the years.

The popularity of this game is a little bit similar as other games like baseball or cricket. Some nations used to treat it as their famous sport while others don’t spend too much on it.

The origin of the handball has been marked in the northern Europe, initially in the Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Some initial sets of rules were made in the Germany and Denmark and over the time they were upgraded. These rules were finally followed during the first international match in 1925 between Belgium and Germany’s men’s team.

This sport remains quite famous in the countries from where it emerged. Like in Germany it is the second most popular sport, being football at the top of spectator sport. The Scandinavian countries including Sweden and Denmark and others like the France and Spain are also great lovers of the handball.

The Women’s game has been introduced in the Olympics in Montreal in the year 1976 and today it has been played in more than 150 nations. Scotland the England recently played as a separate team at a Challenge level of the game.

The BHA (British Handball Association) appointed a performance guidance chairman for the Olympics and also employed a world class coach to get team GB up to the best level of the games. The association is also working to give an opportunity to most of the best players of Scotland and England to go and get trained with some of the best coaches and fellow players of the world outside.

Author: Arlen