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Beach Handball

Beach handball or you can also call it the Sand ball is a kind of handball which played on the beach or on the sand not on the indoor court. This is also a team sport same as the handball in which two teams fight to throw the ball in the goal post of the opponent team. Matches in the beach handball are played in 2 or 3 sets. The third set will come into existence when both teams won a set each. In this the scoring includes if goalkeeper scores a goal of its own then it is considered as 2 points, while the goal of the field player is considered as 1 point. Some people merged it with volleyball but this is different from the volleyball. Brazil is the current number 1 country in the world.

The rules and regulations are different from handball. The court dimension of the beach handball is 27x12m. This court is in rectangular shape which consists of two goal areas and a playing area. The surface of the court is composed of leveled sand. The surface is designed to be flat. It will not have to be consisting of shells, rocks or anything that will hurt the player. The sand will be 40 cm deep. The playing area will be of 15×12 m. Goal width is 2 meters in height and 3 meters in width. The sides are chosen by the team winning the toss. After the half time the ends of the team have to be changed.

There are two halves in each game. The 10 minutes of games are played in every half. The half time is of 5 minutes. Each team can take a time out of 1 minute if they want. The ball possession also includes a free throw, a goal keeper throw, a six-meter throw or a throw in. The playing ball is made up of non-slippery rubber. It is in round shape with a weight of 350 to 370 grams and a circumference of 54 to 56 cm. The ball used by the women’s weighs 280 to 300 grams and 50 to 52 cm’s in circumference.

The punishments are also included in the game. The player can be suspended by the referee when he found that he is offending any player. The suspension period of the player will last after the possession of the ball changes. If any player is suspended for the second time then he is disqualified from the game. The fouls are punished more strictly in beach handball, than in the indoor handball. If any player will get a red card, then he will be suspended for the next match. The tournaments of beach handball are also organised by IHF.

Author: Arlen