Since I was a kid I always liked handball. I am going to tell you a story that explains how my passion for handball ended in me hitting a jackpot playing pokies. So besides this silly fact that we used to make fun of him, we loved playing handball. I remember we used to make fun of my PE teacher because he would pronounce the word “handball” with a german accent, and this was because he told us that originally this was a german game.

For some reason playing a ball with limited physical contact seemed a lot better than playing rugby. But I never thought that the sport would turn out to be so big in my life. When I finished high school I ended up playing a lot of handball in uni, and then I became a sport writer in a few magazines and I was the go-to guy when it came to anything handball related. I also dated one handball girl once and I gotta tell you, these chicks are hot as hell.

So it is with this girl that I started doing a lot of betting online and we did quite well because it was very easy to predict the game results once you knew what you were doing. I remember one night we ended up making quite a bit of money so what we did is leave it in the account of our online betting website, and moved it to a casino account, then we played some pokies and shit hit the fan. We ended up making a ton more because we hit the jackpot. Now I gotta say, I really dont recommend this! I was just lucky.