homeThe Handball world cup or you can call world championship is organized by IHF (International Handball Federation). IHF is the governing body of the event. They are responsible for organizing world championship for both men’s and women’s category. Germany is the host of the first world cup in 1938. In this world cup four teams of Europe take part. From the starting of the world cup European teams are dominating. Any non-European team still not able to won a medal in the world championship. European teams are most successful teams in the history of Handball world championships. The organizations of the world cup have changed over the time. Initially group games are organized in both main and preliminary rounds. But the knockout system is introduced recently and applied in the main rounds.

24th Edition of handball men’s world cup will be organized in Qatar in 2015. IHF is the governing body or the organizing body of the world cup. This is the first time that Qatar is hosting the final tournament. The dates of the world cup event are 15th January 1st February. The bid of Qatar is selected over the bid of France, Norway and Poland by the vote of the International Handball Federation in the city of Malmo, Sweden on 27th January 2011. Middle East is hosting this world cup for the second time. Before Qatar, Egypt hosted the world championship in 1999. Twenty Four teams have qualified for the final tournament. Spain is the reigning world cup champions and they are directly qualified for world cup and Qatar as hosts are qualified for the world cup. Leaving this 22 more teams of different continents are qualified for the tournament. A qualification tournament also organized continent wise. Teams of European Qualification tournament also included in the world cup.